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Our Cat Feeding Service

Cat feeding service: Spoilt Rotten Kitties in Worthing

  • While you are away we will feed your cats and regularly change the litter tray if required.
  • We will check your cats every day for injury or ill health.
  • We will visit your cats the maximum of two visits’ a day.
  • We will give your cats a little groom and a tickle behind the ear if they let us.
  • We will take your cats to the vet if ever necessary.
  • In times where you may have forgotten to buy cat food and litter, we will pick it up from the supermarket for you.
  • We will pick up the post from the doormat if you wish.
  • We will give your cats a regular time of visit every day to give them a routine.
  • We will look after your cats as if they are our own.
  • We will meet you and your cats before you go away and reassure you that you cat/s will be in safe hands.
  • We will make sure your keys are in a safe, secure place.
  • We will be available most of the year round including all bank holidays and Christmas

To provide you with the best cat feeding service possible, please let us know of any special requirements for your cat/s by calling 01903 211921 or email info@spoiltrottenkitties.co.uk.